Industrial Alkaline Batteries

Get maximum power for minimum outlay with Energizer batteries from TES. Industrial alkaline batteries are known for their high energy density and long shelf life. Even after years of storage, Energizer batteries are a ready source of power. In short, they’re a great choice for your business even before you put them to work.

More than 10 billion alkaline batteries worldwide power everything from household appliances to navigational systems. Alkaline batteries also drive tools and components across several industries. They’re found in the smoke alarms of homes, hotels, and schools, the portable remote transmitters of site engineers, infusion pumps at medical centers, the door locks of factories, and so much more.

Mercury-free and designed to supply steady current, our Energizer batteries are ideal for your industrial needs. They can handle temperature changes with ease, from as low as -22 degrees to a staggering 131 degrees Fahrenheit. At TES, you’ll save money just as easily, thanks to our business-friendly pricing! Stock up and save.