Wholesale Batteries

From massive to microscopic, batteries are the modern magic that set a world of electronics into action. From medical and military applications to keeping commercial venues, products, and equipment functioning, so much depends on the chemical conversion of energy that takes place inside these cells.

As powerful as they are, however, batteries can also “power down” your budget—especially if you’re a bulk user. It’s important to stock up wisely, taking battery type, battery life, and overall cost into account. Rule Number 1: Whether you go with single-use batteries or rechargeable, remember to choose wholesale batteries.

Among the most commonly used batteries are Rayovac®, Duracell® and Energizer® AA batteries. They’re used in everything from cameras to industrial equipment. While all of these leading brands fare well in reviews, Energizer batteries top the list of our favorites. We price them as wholesale batteries, making them ideal for commercial applications. Saving you money from the start, Energizer batteries deliver value with every usage.

  • They keep 85% of their original power even after 7 years in storage.
  • They’re available as industrial quality alkaline batteries.
  • Energizer batteries are leak-free.

Do you use power-greedy devices? Ask about our NiMH Energizer AA rechargeable batteries! Use them right out of the box and for many years to come. TES also stocks Energizer AA, C, D, and 9 volt industrial batteries. At 72 units per case, free shipping over $50, and deep-discount pricing that saves you more the more you buy, our wholesale batteries give you power for pennies—so you can power up your profits!