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We Welcome Your Wholesale Inquiries

Welcome to the home of better batteries—! Why better? Because we source the most in-demand name-brand batteries in the nation and then we make them available at wholesale prices.

Under the leadership of President Fred N. Moses, TES has been hailed as one of the best businesses in Texas. We’re a customer-driven organization and it shows. We’re focused on providing you with the best, most cost-effective wholesale batteries and electrical products.

Saving you money while assuring the highest quality is our specialty. From government agencies, global industries, local merchandisers and others, our customers turn to TES for big savings on products like these:

  • Energizer batteries and other name-brand industrial batteries—From heavy-duty tools to sensitive medical equipment, keeps America’s products and equipment running strong.
  • GE lamps and compact fluorescent lamps—Whether you’re outfitting a factory floor, showcasing retail merchandise, or updating multiple-family homes, our lighting options are among the best and our lighting prices are among the lowest!

When you want a big charge out of your batteries—not a big charge on your bill—call TES. We’re your bulk battery and lighting specialists, and we’ve got thousands of ways to save you money. To inquire about wholesale batteries and other large orders, call 1-(800) 821-9066 or email us any time.

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